Dear Doctor,

I founded the National Dental Advertising Association 8 years ago to assist both new dentists and seasoned veterans in their advertising efforts. I’ve found that most dentists don’t have time to create or manage productive marketing campaigns. Without continually marketing for new patients, it’s only a matter of time before your practice will start to see a decline. Many neighborhoods experience a 20% change a year in residency; that means 20% of your patients are not going to be your patients if they move outside their driving comfort range. We help eliminate both these problems by helping acquire new patients continually. We know what potential patients are looking for in a dentist and it’s not some canned look or a coupon stuffed in an envelope. Our Dent-A-Cards© are designed to express the doctors individuality and special skills. We then create precise geographic and demographic target mailing zones. This combination will assure your practice experiences tremendous new patient growth.

If you are interested in obtaining new patients, please call or have your assistant call to set up a 10 minute conversation to see if your area is available or to obtain more information. After that, it takes a minimal amount of time on the phone or through email to get the information needed to start the process. I am looking forward to hearing from you. problems by helping acquire new patients continually.

Mike Lash, President
303.777.MAKE (6253)

While focusing on being the best dentist you can be, let us focus on bringing in the clientele to your office. You studied a long time to become an outstanding dentist, not the art of advertising. Word of mouth advertising is no longer a reliable source of gaining clients, and it is essential to make other strides in marketing to improve your business. Our experts have over 26 years of experience creating visually stunning, captivating and efficient advertising campaigns.

NDAA offers many different advertising options, from direct mail to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), AdWords and social media. We will cater your campaign to you, targeting your market with excellence and precision.

We have many different advertising platforms and will work with you to create effective marketing strategies best fit for your practice.

We take the stress of advertising and marketing off your shoulders, allowing you to be the best dentist that you can be! We will work efficiently within your budget, guaranteeing you will get new clientele through your front door. Take a look at our testimonials to see how our efforts have really paid off for other dentists in the area. Together we will work to optimize your opportunities of bringing in new clients, as well as maintaining your current ones by using the expertise most relevant to your needs.

Give us a call at 303.716.7800 for more information. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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